Importancia de la integración entre aspectos teóricos y prácticos para la formación profesional e inserción laboral de los ingenieros

This study is oriented to know the structural characteristics and the educative and labor trajectory characteristics recent graduated as the Faculty of Engineering of the Universidad Nacional de Río Cuarto. We work with a sample of 40 graduated that received their titles between August of 2008 and August as 2010. The data were obtained by means of a longitudinal survey and a biographical interview. With the graduated ones that showed difficulties in their academic and labor trajectories (N=9), we deepened the study of the following aspects: causes that they adduce to explain the referred difficulties; perceptions of the received academic formation; suggestions to improve the formation of the next generations. The findings suggest the necessity to improve the relationships between theoretical and practical aspects in the plans of formation of the engineers, being emphasized the importance of taking care of the participation of the students in practice communities.

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