Impacto urbano ambiental en la ciudad de San Miguel de Tucumán

This research work approaches the following problems which are intrinsically related. a) The town of San Miguel de Tucumán and its large concentration of high buildings, a fact that impacts upon the environment. b) The role or function of engineers and their formation on the subject, as designers of aerial, on the ground and on the subsoil constructions.
The first chapter refers to the urban impact on the heart of San Miguel de Tucumán with its negative consequences. In it, the actions performed by the research team are exposed chronologically, the concept of environment is presented and the alteration that it suffers as well as its effects on individuals’ health and wellbeing are especially emphasized.
On the second chapter our vision about the engineering profession, its profile and the strengths and weaknesses of its formation are presented. Criteria aimed to form a complete professional are exposed. This professional must have a global vision over his task, from which interest and care about environment must detach.

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