Identification and analysis of the factors influencing on equal opportunities in the admission to Engineering Faculty’s careers at Universidad Nacional de Cuyo

From different areas, the increasing in engineering vocations is promoted and actions are taken to ensure access and retention in college. In particular, the information available at the Faculty of Engineering (UNCuyo), reveal that the percentage of entrants is small and that the profile of the candidates, by specialty, is different. The results of this work, done together with institutional representatives, are presented here in order to identify and analyze the key factors that influence in equality of opportunity in college entering. The survey analysis allowed the identification and ranking needs of applicants, geographic region gathering, profile characterization, conceive activities and evaluate the system of college entering. The conclusions warn that, while the State works on the inclusion of excluded sectors, mainly because economic reasons, it is possible to improve the rate of income among those who have shown willingness to study engineering.

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