Identidad vocacional y permanencia en los estudios, una estrategia tutorial motivadora para fortalecer la decisión de convertirse en Ingeniero

Desertion in the first year of the bachelor degree is a complex phenomenon linked to internal and external factors, where vocational identity plays a key role, which has become one of the main issues of diagnosis and intervention of University tutorial programs.
Observations and analysis of attendance records made by the Tutorial Area from Facultad Regional Rosario-UTN exposed the winter break as the critical period with the highest drop-out rate. A more direct intervention over such problematic is then considered as necessary, since a higher degree of institutional engagement directly impacts on the student’s decision about finishing his career as well as on his vocational identity. As part of a wider tutorial strategy, the authors decided to design activities directed towards motivating and linking students with their future profession. Results show that such activities constituted an inspirational experience, and source of stimulus for pursuing their careers once the first year had been successfully completed.

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