Globalización tecnológica, internacionalización de la enseñanza y movilidad académica: Alternativas de gestión estratégica de los créditos universitarios en los estudios de Ingeniería

The European Space for Higher Education is a model for mobility. Despite the attempts to bridge Latin America and the ESHE by means of formal agreements, no significant advances have been reported. The idea of a Latin American Space has been discussed and supported and may significantly enrich from European experience through agreements between actors, technical aspects, good practices, common standards and an increase in quality. The aim to create a common Space for Higher Education seems to meet the need for an open space without obstacles to favour the free circulation and exchange of the academic actors from the different universities based on the compatibility of the educational systems of the participating states. This process promotes regional integration and guarantees the quality of the educational system by increasing competitiveness when faced with other educational models.

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