Gestionar el talento ingenieril para el pensamiento de la caja redonda

A new set of attributes define today’s engineers, the most relevant are: flexibility, multi-channel, value orientation and interconnection. In the information age, from the role of trainers the main question is: what strategies do we have to adopt to promote the development of “inventiveness” in the future engineer, such as the creation of the new skills required? In this context, the main challenge is to find ways to make the transfer of knowledge, considering the generation gap between teachers and students (Traditionalists, BabyBoomers, Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z), each one distinguished by his own personality, beliefs, values and ways of job.
This paper describes the paradigm called open innovation as a possible educational strategy for knowledge management, promoting the e-Learning 2.0 paradigm as referent of collaborative learning and intentional generator of collective intelligence.

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