Françoise Côme | SEFI

FC Sept 2015Françoise Côme has a Master Degree in Philosophy and Arts, a Specialized Master in Socio-Psychology and Management and a Post Graduate Master Degree in International Cooperation, all from the Université Libre de Bruxelles.  Since 1993, she has been the Secretary General of SEFI an organisation she has joined in 1988. Before that,  she had been the Director of the Grants Department of the European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam) and a stagiaire at the European Commission (Education and culture Division).  For the period of 2004-2006, she was the Executive Director of the  World Federation of Engineering Organisations, based at UNESCO in Paris.
Françoise participated and coordinated numerous EU and UNESCO international cooperation projects, contributed to the organisation of 27 European annual conferences on engineering education and 8 conventions for deans. For the WFEO she supervised the organisation of the World Engineering Convention 2005 in Shanghai (5000 participants).

She was also the Director of the European Engineering Deans Council (EEDC) before its integration within SEFI (2015), the Vice President the Réseau Cartagène d’Ingénieurs and of ENAEE, the European Network for the Accreditation of Engineering Education. At the global level, she is the European Secretary of (IIDEA), a SEFI and IFEES initiative,  and she is the First Vice President of IFEES.

SEFISEFI is the largest network of higher engineering education institutions (HEIs) and educators in Europe.
Created in 1973, SEFI is an international non-profit organisation aiming to support, promote and improve European higher engineering education, enhancing the status of both engineering education and engineering in society.

SEFI is an international forum composed of higher engineering education institutions, academic staff and teachers, students, related associations and companies present in 48 countries. Through its membership (400 institutions, academics, partner associaiotns and coporate partners) and network, SEFI reaches approximately 160 000 academics and 1 000 000 students. SEFI represents more than four decades of passion, dedication and top level expertise in engineering education through actions undertaken according to its values: engagement and responsibility, respect of diversity and different cultures, institutional inclusiveness, multidisciplinary and openness, transparency, sustainability, creativity and professionalism.

SEFI formulates ideas and positions on engineering education issues, influences engineering education in Europe, acts as a link between its members and European and worldwide bodies, contributes to the recruitment of good students whilst always promoting an international dimension in engineering curricula.

Our activities:

Annual Conferences, Ad hoc seminars/workshops organised by our working groups and task forces, specific events and activities for the deans in engineering such as the SEFI European Engineering deans Council (EEDC), the European Engioneering Deans Conventions, scientific publications (incl. the European Journal of Engineering Education), European projects, Position papers, cooperation with other major European and international bodies such as the European Commission, the UNESCO, the Council of Europe or the OECD. The cooperation with partner and sister organizations in Europe and in the world is also one of our priorities.

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