Formación Regional para el Desarrollo de la Ingeniería en el MERCOSUR

Education of engineers in the MERCOSUR countries has been carried out under similar concepts, contents and teaching methods in each of its Member States, but with purely national contents in technical and legal education. The Treaty of Asuncion of 26 March 1991, has over twenty years, having greatly increased the trade relationship in the states involved. However, this increase has not occurred in the exchange of Professional Services and particularly engineering services. What are the causes of this underdevelopment of engineering exchange? Mainly because the training of engineers is not Regional. To speed the MERCOSUR integration process we should complement the training with regional knowledge from the standpoint of geographical, social, economic, regulatory and legal issues, so engineers would obtain the know-how within the Mercosur Region regulations to which they must conform to practice with reliability and certainty in the other States of the Region. We make a proposal to help change the situation and to create a new quality of engineer for the region

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