Evaluation and Assessment of Engineering Mobility: A North American Mobility Project

The project set up an infrastructure to enable U.S.-Canada-Mexico mobility to take place. It established a system for credit transfer and grade equivalency among the partner universities, provided language (English and Spanish) and cultural preparation for the students. It exposed students to engineering and business practices, cultural understanding and adaptation, in the host country, and involved staff in partner universities in participation and supervision of the students’ projects. Assessment was done on the quality of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), and effectiveness of planning and coordination with regard to availability and suitability of courses, research, internship projects, and credit interchangeability. Overall evaluation was on: a) yearly mobility numbers; b) number and quality of projects performed by the students; and c) progress in language and cultural preparation. Pre-mobility and Post-mobility written surveys were administered to the students. Fifty-five students participated.

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