Evaluación Equitativa de Alumnos de Carreras de Ingeniería mediante Lógica Difusa

This paper discusses the use of educational tools conjugated with methodologies originated in Artificial Intelligence, which is the base of an application for the evaluation process of teaching in universities courses. It is mainly focused on engineering. Evaluations are of paramount importance in the process of teaching and learning at every level of education providing usable information for the improvement of the quality of education. It allows knowing the degree of assimilation of students and also delivery a numerical valuation (useful for the construction of rankings). Through the analysis of the results of an assessment it is possible to improve the student’s instruction profile and the conceptual areas cover by a particular course. An assessment technique – POM – requires the elaboration of a set of questions. Develop them is a creative act in any way easy, and as discussed below, they are grounded on a strong scientific basis using fuzzy logic (Zadeh, 1965) which produces consistent results from inaccurate data.

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