Evaluación docente en Facultad de Ingeniería: análisis de la opinión de los estudiantes en distintos tramos de la carrera.

Since 2002, the School of Engineering at Universidad de la República developed a Teacher Evaluation System in Education (SEDE in Spanish) consisting of 5 instruments. One of them, the form F5, is a survey of students’ opinions about courses and teachers’ performance in class. This paper analyzes the responses to F5 in 3 different stages of undergraduate studies. We found significant differences (Kruskal-Wallis test) in student’s responses according to the stage they were in: senior students manifest more positive evaluations. The questions “Overall judgment of the teacher” and “Overall judgment of the course” have a significant positive correlation, with a higher correlation at the final stage. It is considered that the information from the SEDE is valuable for institutional decision making, in particular for the improvement of educational quality.

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