Estrategias de Internacionalización por medio de Intercambios Académicos en la FIME-UANL

The purpose of this research is to present the process results made by the Department of Academic Exchange and Qualification for Internalization of the students of the Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical. Which counts among one of its main internationalization strategies, promoting academic exchanges for the professional level, in order to strengthen the investigation of Higher Education Institutions in strategic areas and priority for Mexico, as well as strengthen capabilities and competitiveness for the future engineer made to face the challenges, projects, work and social demands. In this study, we mentioned how through the experience of Academic Exchange is given an evolution in human capital development, because by being immersed in another culture in a country foreign to him, with a different environment in the professional field performance, there is a transformation in the life of the student, be a beneficial factor for change in our society.

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