Entropía = + ingenieros para el siglo XXI

Entropy is a training and grading program for students of secondary schools, which proposes an evolutionary transformation of the traditional processes of teaching and learning in Basic Sciences. This paper develops a proposal for a new training course to be launched in the last year of high school which will equalize the chances of many students, that because of socioeconomic and cultural reasons, see the access to the Faculty of Engineering as something hard to reach. It also allows them to see engineering as their future career and not as an arid desert to be crossed to maybe get a better salary. The impetus for this initiative is to have a higher percentage of students from low-income sectors that have access to careers in engineering, seeking not only help meet a demand from the professional market, but also collaborate with the breaking of the cycle of poverty. One of the distinguishing features of the program is its content and methodology that based on new technology for education enables to incorporate new capabilities, not only, achieving the main objective which is access, but also places these students in a learning scenario according to the needs of the XXI century.

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