Embedding Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Existing Curricula – the Process

The progress done towards implementing an integrated approach to innovation and entrepreneurship in existing engineering curricula is presented. These efforts are based on the fact that the knowledge and skills for the future workforce of an energy efficient, sustainable
industrial and entrepreneurial society are not fully nurtured in current educational programs. These topics, together with innovative design practices need to be an essential part of thelearning experience in undergraduate engineering technology programs. The proposed integrated approach teaches the basic theoretical knowledge and hands-on practices of the aforementioned subjects embedding modules in a sequence of courses across the curriculum. The main objectives are: (a) introduce the entrepreneurial process and practice in a multidisciplinary environment, (b) emphasize energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, and long-term sustainability in fundamental engineering courses, and (c) apply the proposed approach in the context of human-powered transportation systems, a topic that has great interest and potential in underdeveloped countries. The work included in this project is the definition of the modules and their content, and the labs, projects, practices that are recommended for
implementation. This project is expected to serve as a model for integrated modification of design in engineering technology programs.

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