“El uso de las TICs como metodología para el ingreso a la Universidad”

Taking into account previous work of Grupo de Investigación Educativa (GIE) has identified shortcomings in the students of the careers of Systems Engineering in relation to self-regulation and self-starting your college career. It was evident in the results obtained are associated with academic planning and study organizational aspects rather than learning styles. On this bases, we began to work from the Seminario Universitario on a new form of dictation, where the student takes a leading role, emphasizing the interaction not only student-teacher, but with their peers and the study material. Thus, we propose a new paradigm, the student is no longer a mere recipient of knowledge in a particular space and time, but it takes great leadership by having to organize their study time,
solving activities and active participation in the virtual classroom. The teacher’s task to guide students, tracking more personalized for each of them, creating materials and activities that stimulate the same, speaking in virtual space, using technology as a strategic ally in the teachinglearning process.

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