El proceso de inserción en los estudios universitarios, fracasos y logros. Análisis de los factores condicionantes para una inserción exitosa. Estudio de casos: alumnos de la FRBA-UTN, cohortes 2006-2012.

This investigation proposes to remark on the main characteristics of an investigation project that enquirers about the insertion process to the degree courses in university. In this present work, it is stressed the problem of initial desertion. In addition, this reflexions are the result of the exploratory stage of this project. The mentioned research propounds to understand, from a multidimentional and systemic approach, the desertion experience. In this sense, analyzes the factors and the dynamics of such process since the decision of starting a degree course to the moment of its interruption. With the same purpose, the research inquires the successful experiences. The interest is centered in that cases in which desertion is produced during the first and the second year of the course degree, and is ascribed to the impossibility of getting through the obstacles in order to achieve their academic objectives. Cases from students of the degree course of Engineering from FRBA-UTN belonging to the cohort from 2006 to 2012 will be analyzed. Our hypothesis is, that in course degree desertion, the specificity of the family of the student, its characteristic, and its organization, have a significant and highly determinant role, that organizes the sense that the student attributes to the degree course that he is taking.

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