El Papel del Ingeniero en la Sociedad Como un Motor en Pro de la Sustentabilidad Forjando el Futuro de las Nuevas Generaciones en un Medio Sustentable

The balance in the searching of development and a better quality of life for future generations has motivated the Facultad de Ingenieria Mecánica y Eléctrica (FIME) at the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León (UANL) students to sum up to the efforts of facing environmental issues and sustainability; knowing that the constant development is that which satisfies the current needs without commiting future generation capabilities; the need of contributing to create a culture about the caring and the concern of counting with a healthy and prosperous society within a healthy environment that supplies it with food, resources, drinking water and clean air for the community. Under this premise teachers and students in this institution act as a multiplying effect with pre-school teachers and students, with the support of an instrument based on a story where creativity, ideals and values are involved doing synergy for a social change focused to a larger environment.
This multiplying effect is extended to the children´s families. During 2011 approximately 2400 students from the school have participated so benefiting 86 preschool centers and more than 6000 pre-school students.

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