El ingeniero pesquero y su rol en el desarrollo sostenible en el sector pesquero y acuícola

The Fishing Engineering degree from the National Technological University is, because of its specialization, unique in Argentina and lays the foundations for sustainable growth and development of major productive sectors. The aquaculture activity in Argentina is emerging, and its prospective growth generates a challenge. However, fishing from the point of view of the extraction and processing operations, provides a significant contribution to regional development. The socioeconomic impact of this activity in the Patagonian region shows that the incidence in terms of social return is not low, even when there is a marked weakness to optimize the productive matrix. In the present paper there is an analysis of the role of the fishing engineer as a change agent and engine of sustainable development of fisheries and aquaculture sectors in Argentina, from the point of view of resource sustainability, economic profitability and social returns.

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