El ingeniero como actor ambiental El abordaje de la dimensión ambiental desde la curricula

There is a direct connection between the activity of engineering professionals and the environmental dimension, because of this the University need to analyze their offerings to assess whether they evolve as perspectives of understanding environmental issues have done. This suggests analyzing the compatibility between existing competencies of academic offerings and if they are enough or they should be changed. In this line, it is presented this experience that arises from the participation of the Facultad Regional Bahía Blanca Universidad Tecnológica Nacional in a project involving a total of eight universities, two European and six Latin American. Therefore it appears this work that analyzes which is the approach used in the different regions regarding to the topic water and environment. Considering the activities related to evaluating and promoting changes in the curricula of the engineering, is perceived that for the participants, would be essential in engineering education the incorporation of diverse and vast contents; which would consume time, normally not available. There arises a dichotomy with respect to considering the approach to environmental dimension from the curricula as a transversal axis in engineering education, or in the other hand, a topic according only the curricula of specific orientations.

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