El concepto de logaritmo: un enfoque histórico y sus alcances aplicados a la ingeniería.

This paper is a contribution to the teaching of the basic subjects in engineering courses, which provides a methodology for the development of each analytical program topic, relating it with the historical moment of its appearance, needs to be covered, and the present and future achievement for its application in engineering. The concept of logarithm is studied as a special case, its origins as a driving force for the development of applied mathematics as an indispensable tool for modeling physical phenomena, in particular noise problems. Students are expected not only to understand the origin of all subject’s topics but the reason of its appearance , starting from previous knowledge, and subsequent use in the field of engineering. We conclude that, in this way the basics of philosophy of science is transmitted to the student , related it with the needs in engineering applications, solving problems and making their owns search criteria to the solution of specific problems of engineering.

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