Educacion Superior. La investigacion como funcion sustantiva del rol docente

Higher Education today shows some troublesome situations present in current society. There is a research project currently underway addressing several of such concerns, at the National Technological University (Universidad Tecnologica Nacional) (UTN), jointly carried out at two of its facilities: Regional College from Mendoza (Facultad Regional Menddoza)(UTN-FRM) and National Technical Teacher Training College (Instituto Nacional Superior del Profesorado Tecnico)(UTN-INSPT). The main objective, besides exploring teaching strategies, is to explore the teacher’s role as researcher within the framework of similar courses of studies offered at both educational institutions. The mission at tertiary level is not only to generate knowledge but also to fully educate and train students’. Therefore, the Project tackles theoretical and practical strategies concerning the role of teachers and inherent to the courses of studies on focus in the project. This presentation tries to reflect the paradigm shift needed to assimilate the methodological guidelines described and presents the results of teachers’ surveys in relation to their role as teachers and researchers.

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