E-Assessment of Learning Outcomes in Engineering Education

This paper describes a conceptual model that aligns Learning Outcomes (LOs) in Engineering Education (EE) with assessment strategies based on e learning. Intends to contribute for accrediting e-learning as an assessment tool that can be used to assess EE, helping to deal with current challenges in education like the recognition of prior learning, mobility of students and staff, accreditation processes, thus contributing to a more flexible Educational System. A conceptual model was developed to match specific e-assessment methods to the main Learning Outcomes in the field of engineering. This means that it should be possible for a teacher to define the intended Learning Outcomes (iLO) of his online course and from this definition to have an indication of the e-assessment methods he might consider using. The paper will describe the components of the conceptual model and will provide examples of implementation to specific LOs in the field of Engineering Education.

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