Diseño y desarrollo de propuestas curriculares en las aulas virtuales: qué opinan estudiantes y docentes de la FRBA-UTN

The teaching practices in the engineering careers (in order to meet social and individual needs), are nourished with disciplinary knowledge and with the professional experience, and are enriched an improved by reflexive processes surrounding teaching and learning. In this sense, the teaching training becomes a key element, because it opens the possibilities to think about your role as a university teacher. In this work, we consider the results of including virtual lecture rooms in the career of Engineering, in the subject Information Systems. In 2010, in the UTN-FRBA, the possibility of each subject having its own virtual lecture room was considered, as a way of supporting presential classes. In this work, we present the results of the monitoring of the first year of implementation of this project. We present some reflexions regarding the way in which teachers think about the place of technology within teaching.

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