Dirección de Proyectos Informáticos como área de entrenamiento continuo para los Ingenieros en Sistemas de Información

This paper will detail a case study on how the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional in Facultad Regional Tucumán (UTN-FRT) has development the Informatic Project Direction (IPR) as an area of training for graduate engineers specializing in Information Systems. The main goal of the DPI is to satisfy the demand of a group of graduates get ongoing training. This entity carries out the supervision, evaluation, management, development and monitoring of projects. Currently consists of a multidisciplinary group of professionals of varying experience and training. This has changed the way we work on how to meet the demand for practical training and continues, through the re-training for engineers. In this paper we show the results of three years of work and how it has impacted positively on the academic community and regional levels.

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