Diagnóstico al ingreso y avance académico estudiantil en las carreras de la Facultad de Ingeniería de la Universidad de la República.

Since 2005 the Faculty of Engineering applied a Diagnostic Tool at Income (HDI in spanish) mandatory for students who income. The generation is integrated mostly by men (75%) of 18 and 19 years old, mostly from public High Schools and private High Schools Interior of
Montevideo. A low percentage of students achieved level of proficiency, with strikingly low performance in reading  comprehension and mathematics.
Regarding the analysis of the progress of the active population, the median credits earned after five years of income is 177 credits, low relative to expected (450 credits). The correlation between  Performance on the HDI and the progress of the students is relatively high, being Mathematics is the component that presents the greatest correlation. Additionally, one can conclude that the number of components in the HDI enough seems to be good predictor of career advancement.

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