Developing a model that would inspire lecturers to engage in a variety of methodologies for active learning delivery

Sometimes engineering lecturers are appointed for their professional expertise and many times lack instructional knowledge. This article explores the impact of an online action research pilot project for engineering lecturers to promote active learning in the classroom. This pilot project engaged lecturers in challenging their perceptions on active learning and the discourses of university learning and teaching. Participating lecturers were required to build their own portion of a workbook that focuses on enhancement of active learning. The authors developed an online learning program that will serve as a case study, investigating the current modes of learning delivery, assessment and the effect of the application of new methodologies of learning delivery. The authors met on a regular basis to observe and reflect on feedback from participating lectures, which was used to alter the online resource in order to realize participation in active learning delivery, not only in the participating group, but to the whole of the faculty of engineering. The preliminary data revealed positive outcomes, including transition into confident, active and competent lecturing staff. Ultimately data might suggest the presentation of this model university wide, to be used as an initiator for active learning delivery.

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