Desmitificando la imagen neutra de la tecnología. Formación profesional desde una perspectiva CTS: primeros resultados de una propuesta pedagógica específica

This paper is a progress of the project “Panorama of the social studies of science and technology in Engineering” We propose to present the results of a practical exercise developed from the Engineering and Society course with students of the first year of engineering education, based on the guidelines and objectives of science, technology and society (here and after STS) approach. STS education includes not only the organizational and curriculum content, but also the specific aspects of teaching.
The aim is to develop in students a critical awareness about social and environmental impacts from new technologies or the implementation of the already known, conveying both in a more realistic picture of the social nature of science and technology.
Promote the development of activities such as the one described will improve the quality of the educational proposals and ensure the relevance of the STS from its specific content curriculum.

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