CSEE – Chinese Society for Engineering Education

The Chinese Society for Engineering Education (CSEE), established in 1991, is a national academic society with approximately 150 member units consisting of Chinese higher education institutions, engineering education research institutions, companies and scientific research institutions, other related organizations, groups and individuals. CSEE aims to research theoretical and practical problems of higher engineering education, to promote reform and the development of higher engineering education, and to provide members with best possible service.

CSEE carries out the following activities and functions:

– Plan and organize thematic research based on theoretical and practical problems during the process of Chinese higher engineering education development and reform, or provide consultation and comments for state policy-makers.

– Carry out membership collaborative research programs focusing on the most pressing issues.

– Facilitate higher education institutions to exchange insights and thoughts with groups in the fields of manufacturing, engineering and technology; Improve industry-academy-research cooperative education and continuing education for engineers and technologists.

– Organize and implement international and national academic exchange activities on higher engineering education.

– Publish academic journal Research in Higher Education of Engineering.

-Perform lawful social responsibility activities and relevant business training sessions.