Construyendo una mirada sobre la formación profesional en diálogo con los propios actores

The Facultad Regional Tucumán of the UTN, possessor of a large and diversified educational supply passes through processes of institutional change from the accreditation of its undergraduate programs. In view to establish lines of change the research project: “The development of curriculum structures for the formation of innovative professional”, it is proposed to study/investigate methodological forms, cultural and institutional through which the curriculum structures can be transformed in promoters of the construction of complex set of competencies (for example the capabilities: to create, decide, develop business ventures, communicate, etc.), accompanying the evolving needs of the professional environment and the socio-productive with which it interacts.
The first teaching experiences are placed in a subject for the last year of the Engineering career in Information Systems.
In this work we will give account of some of the results obtained from the systematization of reflections made by the students.

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