Conciencia, Diseño y Gestión de Sí: Una Aproximación Constructivista Radical a la Formación de Ingenieros Integrales

This paper presents a philosophical proposal based on radical constructivism, as a contribution to the conversation about reengineering engineering education. An argument is made that the world is not only going through a mayor shift in terms of facts but it is also experiencing a revolution in terms of philosophical and scientific paradigms, been that the reason why a paradigm revolution is also required in engineering education. The paper proposes that radical constructivism, both in epistemological and ontological terms, is a good philosophical platform to lay the foundations for that needed paradigm revolution, generating good basis for the invention of Engineering of Self and Engineering of Education. In the proposed model continuous consciousness expansion of self and the world is a cornerstone of education. Another key element is the understanding of learning as a profound process of integral personal transformation in the educational interaction.

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