Cambio de currículo y acreditación de carrera en Ingeniería Eléctrica: problemas y estrategias para su solución

Electrical Engineering at Bahía Blanca Regional Faculty (FRBB), National Technological University (UTN), has changed his curriculum twice in the last 17 years. The former took place in 1995 and the last in 2004 as a result of the national qualifying process of all engineering programs in Argentina. In 1995, some matters such as Automation and Control, among others, were incorporated in order to fulfill the industrial exigencies, whereas in 2004 were in evidence deficiencies such as high indices of defection, low number of graduates, among others. In this paper the most important problems arisen with those changes are analyzed, and the results of the strategies applied to incorporate new contents and to reduce the deficiencies challenged through the qualifying, are also evaluated. In particular with the collaboration of students, teaching aids were implemented in the new subjects. Subsequently, the actions taken to activate the relationship Secondary–University, as a path to reduce the loss of interest in engineering topics, are described. One of the most important aspects of this strategy was the creation of the Simulation and Robotic Group (S.R.G.), integrated and managed by the students that interact between the technical high schools and the university.

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