Biography | Axel Zafoschnig

Axel Zafoschnig is the Vice President of IGIP, the International Society of Engineering Pedagogy, and the VET Chief Inspector for Technical Colleges in Carinthia, Austria. He works for the Ministry of Education, as well as for the Regional Board of Education and for the Teacher Training University. As the Head of the Department of Vocational Education and Training in the Kärnten Region, it is his task to pedagogically monitor and supervise the Higher Technical Colleges (HTL) in particular and to foster the implementation of the Austrian National Qualifications Framework. As a VET expert, he is also involved in curriculum design, quality management and faculty development, as well as in the cooperation with industrial enterprises and with potential employers of HTL graduates. In the field of Engineering Pedagogy, it is his genuine interest to exchange ideas and opinions with engineering education experts from other countries and to strengthen the ties between these experts and IGIP. Axel is also strongly engaged in the ING-PAED IGIP certification scheme which helps individual engineering teachers to acquire the title of “International Engineering Educator”. Further fields of interest are also new forms of teaching and learning, school autonomy and teacher training.