Bill Williams

Bill Williams 23-04-16REEN is an independent, international and inclusive network of almost 500 researchers in which quality research on Engineering Education is conducted, discussed and disseminated. This community nurtures developing researchers through collaboration and sound methodological approaches to address the challenges within Engineering Education.

REEN organizes the Research in Engineering Education Symposium (REES) every 2 years as a forum for scholars to discuss their research in a more participative format than that typically found in conference presentation sessions. Recent REES events have been held in Ireland, Malaysia, Spain and Australia.

Representatives on the REEN Governing Board are elected by members and the present Board has representatives from Asia, Australia, Europe, South Africa, South America and the US. Details about REES 2017 in Bogota will be available soon

The current Chair of the Governing Board is Bill Williams of Setúbal Polytechnic Institute and CEG-IST Universidade de Lisboa. He is the lead-editor of the recent book “Engineering Practice in a Global Configuration: Understanding the Technical and the Social”.