Yu Shouwen

2012 Pioneering Regional Leader

Professor Yu Shou Wen is a Professor and former Senior Administrator of Tsinghua University, Beijing,
P.R. China, and a member of the Education Committee of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Deputy
Director of Chinese Experts Committee of Engineering Education Accreditation. He is Vice-President of
International Congress on Fracture (ICF11,2001-2005), ICF Honor fellow, Vice President of Society of
Higher Education of China. He also is Vice-President and Dean of the Graduate School of Tsinghua
University (1992-1999). YU co-authored five books and published 350 scientific and technical papers,
and almost 50 papers in the field of Engineering Education. He has twice been awarded the National
Natural Science Awards of China. Prof. Yu played an instrumental role in the Tsinghua University’s
Center for Engineering Education (CEE), a cross-disciplinary research center for engineering education
studies, which opened in January 2009. At that time, YU was named Director of the CEE’s Academic
Affairs Committee.
Yu has been the principal actor in the partnership between Tsinghua University and the International
Institute Developing Engineering Academics (IIDEA). The participants who attend these workshops
represent almost all provinces in China – not a small feat for this vast country. Through this initiative
and others, YU is a leader in the reform of engineering education in China. IFEES recognized Prof.
Shouwen’s work in engineering education across China with its 2012 President’s Award.