Claudio Borri

2012 Global Visionary

Professor Claudio Borri received his Degree in Civil Engineering in 1978 and Ph.D. in Structural
Mechanics in 1981 (Bochum). He has served as Research Associate (1983-90), as Associate Professor
(1991-2002), and later as Full professor of Computational Mechanics of Structures and Chair of Wind
Engineering, at the University of Florence (Italy), where he is currently the Vice-Dean for International
Affairs. In 1991 he was the co-founder of CRIACIV, the Inter-University Research Centre on Building &
Environmental Aerodynamics, 6 Italian Universities and the oldest of this kind in Italy (equipped with a
large scale facility, a Boundary Layer wind tunnel). In 2004 Borri was elected as the Head (Director) of
CRIACIV, a position in which he still serves today. In 2008, he was appointed to serve in the Steering
Committee of TP-Wind (Technology Platform Wind Energy, Brussels), under the auspices of the
European Commission. In 2009, he served as a member of the Panel of Experts of the ERC European
Research Council for the domain Physical & Engineering Sciences. In June 2010, he was appointed by the
Italian Ministry of Infrastructures as a Member of the higher advisory Board (Scientific Committee) of
the “Stretto di Messina” Spa for the design and construction of the ever largest suspension bridge (3,300
m) across the strait of Messina (Calabria-Sicily). Borri is Editor/Co-Editor of 4 books (3 proceedings of
international conferences), Author/CoAuthor of approx 230 scientific publications and 2 textbooks. He
has been awarded in 1994 with the “Max Plank Research Award” in Structural Mechanics by the Max
Plank/A. von Humboldt Found in Germany; in 2001 he received an “Honorary Doctor Degree in
Engineering Sciences” by the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering & Geodesy (UACEG) of Sofia,
Bulgaria and in 2006 he received the “Ing.-Paed. IGIP Honoris Causa” by the University of Tallinn in
Estonia. After having served as President of SEFI (2005-07), Borri was elected as the Founding President
of IFEES. Borri has been a leader of several European large projects: he was President and Legal
Representative of E4, TREE, TREE-DISS and EUGENE Thematic Networks and of the EUR-ACE
Implementation Project (2006-2008) within Socrates II. Borri has also led in other large projects to foster
Education in Science and Technology in Eastern Europe (under TEMPUS). Borri has been frequently
appointed as a member of Accreditation Panels in Europe and overseas, including the SWISS Peer
Review programme, CTI visits in France, an accreditation visit at TPU in Tomsk, Russia, and several pilot
visits in Engineering institutions in Italy (which yet lacks an accreditation agency). During the last 15
years, Borri has been appointed as expert evaluator for several research grant agencies in Europe and
oversea: Excellency Initiative (by the Wissenschaftsrat of the Federal Republic of Germany) for RWTH
Aachen and TU-Muenchen; Czech national Grant agency, Cyprus State agency for Research, and ACOFI
in Mexico. IFEES awarded to Prof. Borri its 2012 IFEES President’s Award in Buenos Aires, Argentina.