Lueny Morell

2013 IFEES Global Visionary

We are proud to present this year’s Presidential Award to Lueny Morell, one of IFEES’ original founders and Past President, Co-Founder of the Global Engineering Deans Council (GEDC) and Co-Founder of the International Institute for Developing Engineering Academics (IIDEA), which aims at providing selected top notch leadership workshops offered by world known educators to engineering professors, deans and graduate students worldwide.

From 2002 to 2013, she was a member of HP Labs strategy and open innovation teams where she focused on catalyzing co-innovation with partners (governments, customers and universities) to bring
ideas, resources and develop talent for innovation. She also was responsible for developing engineering education, curriculum innovation and development initiatives and student programs worldwide in support of HPL research and HP technology areas.

During her tenure at HP she also worked on fostering capacity-building in support of economic development and engaged and partnered with private, public and NGO organizations around the world to drive innovation, quality assurance and diversity in
engineering-and-science education. A licensed professional engineer, she holds a BS degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico – Mayagüez and an MS degree in Chemical Engineering
from Stanford University.

Lueny has a 24 year career at the University of Puerto Rico, holding various positions at the Mayagüez Campus (UPRM) as well as at the system level. A full professor of Chemical Engineering, during her tenure at UPRM she was Director of UPRM’s Research & Development Center, elected member to the Academic Senate and Administrative Board, Special Assistant to the Chancellor
and the Dean of Engineering in charge of strategic alliances, new educational initiatives and outcomes assessment, including coordinating the ABET 2000 accreditation responsibilities. At the UPR system, Lueny was part of the staff of the Vice President of the University of Puerto Rico System, coordinating the implementation of a UPR system-wide institutional research function, and Director of the Curriculum Innovation Center of the Puerto Rico Alliance for Minority Participation (PR-AMP) Project.

Lueny was also Project Director for various NASA and NSF multidisciplinary curriculum innovation grants involving
strong industry partnerships. A certified ABET evaluator, she has done professional consulting work and is member of various professional and honor societies, among them Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Xi, Alpha Delta Kappa, IEEE, ASEE and AICHE.

A founding member of the Puerto Rico TechnoEconomic
Corridor, a multi sectorial initiative to foster economic development based on high technology, she is member of the following local, national and international advisory boards: Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
College of Engineering Advisory Board, the Southern States Technology Board (appointed by the PR Secretary of Economic Development) and past member of the Worcester Polytechnic Board of Trustees.
More recently, Lueny has provided leadership in Puerto Rico in the Island’s quest for a knowledge based economy creating the island’s Science and Technology Trust Fund which provides funds to sponsor
competitive R&D in CIT and Life-sciences for universities and corporations. She is co-founder and member the Engineer of the Americas Initiative, a group leading quality assurance and mobility of
professionals in the Americas, and selected to participate in developing the engineering action agenda for the US by National Academy of Engineering. With over 90 scientific and education papers, Lueny is an IEEE Senior member, an ASEE Fellow and member of various national and international boards and advisory committees including, the US National Academies Board of International Scientific Organizations, Past (and first woman) President of the International Federation of Engineering Education
Societies, member of the US NSF International Advisory Committee for Science and Engineering, the NSF US Congress-mandated Committee on Equal Opportunities for Engineering and Science, the Pan American Academy of Engineering, the Editorial Board of the ASEE Journal of Engineering Education, SEFI’s Industrial Advisory Board, the Advisory Board of the Student Platform for Engineering Education Development (SPEED), Co-Director of the International Institute for Developing Engineering Academics (IIDEA) and an expert of the OECD AHELO project. She has also been member of ASEE’s International Advisory Committee and the US National Academy of Engineering Committees on Engineering Curriculum and Eng Education Scholarly Education Practice. Lueny has received various honors during her academic career, including the prestigious US National Academy of Engineering 2006 Bernard M. Gordon Prize for innovation in engineering and technology education and the 2009 LACCEI Academic Merit Medal for her leadership and global impact on engineering curriculum innovation and fostering industry-university partnerships in support of economic development and the Palma Real Distinction of the Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar in Colombia in 2011. Lueny’s newest venture is the New Engineering University (NEU), an institution born out of the idea that today’s engineering educators “are attempting to educate 21st-century engineers with a 20th-century curriculum taught in 19th-century
institutions” (James Duderstadt, President Emeritus of the University of Michigan). Headquartered in Palo Alto, USA, NEU will launch a beta program in January 2014, which involves fifty pioneering scholars who will study with industry mentors, complete real-world projects, and at year end, have earned a Master’s degree. Lueny is excited to be the provost and Chief Academic Officer of this newly formed institution. Aside from all her accomplishments in engineering education around the world, she has been a dear friend to the organization of IFEES, providing invaluable input and efforts throughout the years. This award is a token of not only her outstanding achievements in the field, but also one of thanks.