Nomination process

IFEES will open 2017 nominations on April 19, 2017 and the nomination materials will be published on this page. 

Members of the IFEES Community  are encouraged to  nominate an individual who they believe falls within the criteria of having provided extra-ordinary leadership and impact in engineering education.

It is critical that all nominators spend some time providing evidence regarding the measurable impact made by each nominee in the area of engineering education.


It is not necessary for the nominee to be a member of an IFEES member society; however, the nomination must be supported by a letter from the IFEES representative  member society. A list of member representatives may be found on the Members page of the IFEES website.

Nomination Process

  1. The nominator may nominate only one individual for the award.
  2. The nomination package must include:
    • Letter of nomination
      • Letter of support from IFEES Representative (if the nominator is not an IFEES Representative)
    • Rationale and Statement of Impact
    • CV of the nominee
    • Three letters of support
  3. The completed nomination package must be submitted by e-mail to the Committee Chair and to Hans-Jürgen Hoyer.
Guidelines for accompanying documents
  1. Nomination Form
    1. Letter of Nomination
    2. Rationale and Statement of Impact
      1. Executive summary
      2. Identification of need(s) in engineering education that were addressed by the nominee’s work
      3. Description of contributions to engineering education that helped address the previously identified need(s)
      4. Evidence of the significance, originality, and scale of impact on the field of engineering education
  2. Nominee CV (up to 4 pages) including:
    1. Names
    2. Contact information
    3. Educational qualification(s)
    4. Relevant experience
    5. Relevant publications
    6. Relevant awards and honors
  3. Three Letters of Support (1 page each)
    1. One Letter of Support must come from an IFEES Representative if the nominator is not an IFEES Representative
Award Criteria

The IFEES Duncan Fraser Global Award for Excellence in Engineering Education committee will review each completed nomination based on the following criteria:

– Response to a need
– Degree of innovation
– Broader impact (significance and scale)

All types of contributions to engineering education are considered, for example: curriculum development, pedagogical research and development, faculty development, mentoring, development of educational materials, increasing diversity, and professional leadership. The broad impact of the work must be clearly established in terms of measured outcomes.

Please contact Hans-Jürgen Hoyer if you have any questions.