Avances en el Perfil del Ingeniero Informático de América Latina

This paper presents the progress of the Informatics Area of the project ALFA Tuning Latin America, in developing a profile for informatics professionals, that may serve as a reference for undergraduate careers of Informatics in Latin America. The difficulty of the task is increased by the great diversity of programs and degrees in Latin American countries, the rapid evolution of computer and related technologies, and the ever increasing growth of its application in all areas of human activity.
By answering the question “what should be able to do a student when competing his/her program?”, were defined a set of skills and abilities that later were assessed by academics, employers, graduates and advanced students, in the participating countries in the area. The most important skills were identified, and through further analysis were selected the skills that would eventually be part of the proposed profile. The results of the conducted process to determine the competences of the profile are presented, and also the tasks remaining to be done in the area, and the expected impacts of this work.

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