Aula Virtual y Videos Tutoriales como recursos pedagógicos en la cátedra de Fundamentos de Informática

The teaching of informatics during the Engineering´s formation poses different challenges in relation to the capabilities necessary to be formed, the didactic strategies to be implemented and the way in which the TICS are used. Since the subject of Computing Fundaments have been generating new resources and teaching activities in function of the learning of critical programs for the career. In the framework of the Research Project: “Initial training in Engineering and LOI. 2006-2012” (PID UTN-FRBB 1156)
presents the progress that this subject evolution has been showing, both, in these strategies incorporation, such as in the results achieved. Within resources highlights the value that come charging the video tutorials are gaining on developed themes, that were created using Database and Basic Programming. These, as a resource to support the academic activity, offer the opportunity to repeat the teaching proposals given in the classroom.

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