Attributes of a Global Engineer

Stephen Huntley

For the past several years, the American Society for Engineering Education’s Corporate Member Council, reflecting the voice of industry, developed a series of attributes representing the desired competencies needed by engineers in order to effectively live and work in a global context. A global online survey was launched to validate the performance and proficiency levels of each attribute, and a series of global focus groups in every major region of the world have been held for the purpose of clarifying and refining the attributes. In 2015, the Attributes of a Global Engineer Project formally concludes its work, having benefitted from prolonged engagement with and input from globally-representative stakeholder groups of academicians and industry partners. This paper will describe the process to develop attributes of a global engineer; present a summary of key results; discuss how attribute outcomes can assessed in engineering education globally; and provide recommendations for a variety of stakeholders, with particular emphasis on lessons learned from the multi-year Project.

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