Attributes of a Global Engineer Project Endorsed by ASCE and ASEE CMC

Propulsion engineer Sandra Greene, left, and test engineer Cynthia Sprader

For the past several years, the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) Corporate Member Council’s Special Interest Group for International Engineering Education , in partnership with IFEES, developed, presented, and vetted with its stakeholders a series of attributes representing the desired competencies and characteristics needed by engineers in order to effectively live and work in a global context.

The project is now in its seventh year, having started in early 2008.  The two main project leads, Dr. Stephen Hundley, Chair and Associate Professor in the Department of Technology Leadership and Communication at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), and Ms. Lynn G Brown, Corporate Higher Education and STEM International Program Manager for for The Boeing Company, have brought this project through several stages – from developing an initial list of attributes to launching an online survey which was made available in over 10 languages (a major IFEES contribution) to sharing their survey findings throughout the world.

The most recent news in this project is the official endorsement from the American Society for Engineering Education’s Corporate Member Council and the American Society of Civil Engineers.

The project leads hope to present this at the upcoming ASEE Annual Conference in June 2015.