Aprendizaje Basado en Problemas en Química General: experiencia en un curso de primer año de Ingeniería

Given the severe desertion and poor performance of our university students, we put the Problem-Based Learning technique into practice in a Chemistry course (first year Engineering) as a tool aimed at the processes, skills and attitudes that are generated to acquire knowledge in a meaningful and functional way. Objective: that the students achieve integrating issues, working in teams planning their study and assuming responsibilities, building their knowledge, developing critical thinking and self-criticism, strengthening communication with an adequate scientific and technological vocabulary, decision-making in problematic situations. Results and conclusions: the experience was successful based on the results of the written assessment, academic surveys and dialogues with each commission. The scores were markedly higher compared to other courses with the same teachers and traditional teaching. We believe that PBL promotes critical thinking, creativity, decision making and communication skills.

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