Aportes de la Docencia en Ingeniería Química a la Investigación

An integration work was done between two signature of Chemical Engineering, Integration II (2nd year) and Biotechnology (4th year), and the research team of the project “Filtration and Clarification of fermented Beverages”. The students of the 2nd year done the mass balance of the mashing and coction process of beer and the students of the 4th year improved the sampling methodology of the fermentation process using a small fermenter. This work was done for two consecutive years. The representative parameters of the fist year was: Number of initial cells (N0) = 3.1×104 CFU / ml, speed logarithmic growth () = 0.8 / days and cell doubling time (td) = 22 h, the time of cell death ™ was 18 days. In the second year: N0 = 169 CFU / ml,  = 3.65/día and td = 4.6 h, tm = 5 days. Although the sampling metho dology was markedly improved, fermentation occurred rapidly. This year is expected to reduce N0 then the laboratory fermenter can be used in small-scale test in the project.

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