Aplicación del concepto de formación por competencias en la asignatura proyecto integrador final de la Carrera de Ingeniería Electromecánica Orientación Automatización de la Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento

The current scenarios are characterized by the multiplicity and fast rate of change that are manifested in such phenomena as the globalization of products, markets, competition, which, among other things, require competing under international rules and quality standards, and globally competitive costs. To compete, companies must systematically incorporate new technologies into their internal production processes as a means of maintaining and increasing competitiveness rates and thus, they must also acquire new skills and knowledge, enabling them to efficiently use these technologies.
Engineering as a professional discipline must go beside the new demands of the environment and redefine the profiles to meet the needs arising from technological changes in production processes. At the National University of General Sarmiento, through the Electromechanical Engineering Oriented to Automation Final Integration Works development, you get a tool by which we assess the development and application of both general and specific skills acquired during the grade course. Several key issues in professional development depend on the acquisition and application of these skills, which together with the specific knowledge allow successful performance in the workplace. From the analysis of these final works comes the development level reached by the students of every aspect of these skills. This paper presents the results obtained
using evaluation matrices. This skill development is accompanied by the student support through specific programs implemented by the University with psychology specialists that allow students to develop specific skills in literacy.

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