Análisis de las prácticas de evaluación en la asignatura Algoritmos y estructura de datos de la Carrera de Ingeniería en Sistemas de Información de la Facultad Regional Tucumán

The Chair of Algorithms and Data Structures (AED) belongs to the first level Career in Information Systems Engineering, Faculty of Regional Tucumán National Technological University. The annual scheme is completed with a workload of 5 hours per week. Students
enrolled for the completed AED are the entrants to the race and also recursantes of this subject. As a matter of the first year, the number of students who manage to regularize is very low. For example, by 2010, over 800 students, regularized 150. In this paper, in order to narrow its scope, we focus on the analysis of the assessment procedures used in the chair, contrast them with current regulations and annual plan of academic activities in order to suggest improvements to the thereof.

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