Airbus Fly Your Ideas Student Challenge

This paper presents Airbus’ approach to launching and running an aeronautical multi-objective, multi-stakeholder global initiative in the form of a student competition. The company’s objectives, the competition concept and management and the outcomes in the form of student ideas and their follow up are described. We will also discuss the benefits for students, universities and enterprise, including; impact on student skill development; stimulating longer term interaction and innovation between industry and academia; inspiring students about innovation; and helping students put theory into practise. Delivery will be a combination of Airbus speaker, video footage including examples of some of the best student projects and representatives of Team Condor from Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María in Chile. Team Condor was selected by Airbus experts from 315 teams worldwide to attend the 2011 final and won a prize of €15,000. The team and their Academic Mentor recently published a book about their experience.

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