Acreditación y educación en ingeniería: análisis de los estándares de calidad en relación con la formación y el aprendizaje de los estudiantes

The present work deals with the analysis of the relations between the accreditation of careers and engineering education from the perspectives of the standards defined by Argentinean universities and the MERCOSUR. After ten years of experience in accreditation process, some critical reflections about standards and pedagogical models are identified by this article. Particularly, this work considers as a crucial factor the pedagogical dimension to evaluate the educational quality in the engineering careers. From this perspective, this article analyzes pedagogical approaches referred in the actual standards; and the contribution of the critical bibliography related to their impact and to their proposals for the revision. Finally, this article makes relations between quality standards and education´s models so as to contribute to value the pedagogical dimension in the engineering education throughout the perspective of the accreditation.

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