Abastecimiento de Unidades Académicas de Ingeniería mediante Fuentes de Energía Renovable

Since 2009 it is performing the project of School Power Station for FIUNCo with Renewable Energy Sources as Wind, Solar, Hydro and Biomass. This idea is carried out on 2010 with PI:FAIN04/160 research project where external referees gave Originality Mention to it. There are available devices developments from Research Groups: as Darrieus Wind Turbine (5-50kW), Turgo Hydro-turbine (3kW), Biogas process from waste, Biodiesel from algae and domestic used oil for internal combustion engine with generators (2x100kW). It is estimated to begin with generation on 2013 with light charges and then Low Voltage grid of FIUNCo. Cogeneration with CALF will permit to reduce power and energy consumed.The design involves all detailled engineering parts and it is included CO2 avoided emissions. This design is made by graduate and postgraduate students with their classwork and grade and prostgrade thesis.This technology application permits students to obtain training similar to their profesional work and the possibility to begin their own bussines by means of their developments.

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