A Shifting Landscape in PhD Publishing

Photo by Kevin Saff via Flickr Creative Commons.

PhD students starting out now may not need conventional publications to climb the career ladder by the time they graduate, according to the chair of the European University Association’s Council for Doctoral Education.

likely there would be “significant changes” in the research publication model in the coming years.

The EUA’s Council for Doctoral Education was established in 2008 to help universities develop their PhD programmes and create a voice for doctoral education in Europe and beyond. It has 238 members in 35 countries.“The way in which research is done is changing, [there is] a strong move towards open science,” he said

He said that PhD students are “often more adept at dealing with these new models”, such as online peer review. Doctoral candidates have access to many digital resources, and he will look at what this means for the nature of a doctoral student’s work, he added

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