A Peer-Tutor’s Perspective on Peer-Tutoring in Thermodynamics

The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of peer tutoring on student performance in a Mechanical Engineering Thermodynamics course, and to provide insight into the peer tutoring experience from a variety of perspectives. A Senior-level undergraduate student was recruited to host weekly group study sessions in addition to daily open tutoring hours. This tutor worked
with two of the Mechanical Engineering professors who were teaching the Thermodynamics courses over several terms in order to improve the performance of the students and provide general observations regarding the learning experience. Students were surveyed as to their perspective, and grades were analyzed at the end of each term in order to quantify the results.
Students who attended the weekly study sessions tended to have a greater comprehension of the material and confidence in their abilities than those who did not attend. Further, the undergraduate peer tutor also gained confidence through this process.

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